Employee Retention Credit

About the Employee Retention Credit


The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was designed to encourage employers whose businesses have been negatively affected by COVID-19 to keep employees on payroll.


The ERC is a refundable tax credit of up to $5,000 per employee per YEAR for 2020 and up to $7,000 per QUARTER per employee for the first three quarters of 2021. This means you can get up to $26,000 per employee back, if you qualify!


To qualify, your organization must have been adversely affected in one of two ways:


  • Been fully or partially suspended by government order during the quarter OR
  • Had a significant decline in gross receipts.


At NO CHARGE to you, we can help you determine if you qualify for the Employee Retention Credit today! If you do qualify, we will help you get this credit from start to finish. 


Steps to Receiving Credit:


  • Provide us with documentation to see if you qualify for the credit. 
  • Let us do the work! We do the calcuations and maintain the support and documentation for you. 
  • We will amend all quarters of Form 941's that qualify for ERC. 
  • We will also amend your business and personal (if required) tax returns to reflect the credit taken.